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Cracker Jacks – All Grown Up

June 29, 2011

Grown Up Cracker Jacks

Waiting for Caramel

Sweet Corn Semifreddo

One of the beautiful things about local, summer produce is that on it’s own it is sweet, delicious and perfect.  Tomatoes, cucumbers and corn rarely require much manipulation beyond a mere sprinkling of salt and a napkin to catch all the juicy goodness.  In the dog days of summer here in the Sonoran Desert it is a blessing to minimize the hot times in the kitchen.  However, summer produce this good also serves as an amazing springboard for scrumptious creativity.  This brings me to our dessert creation for the Summer Supper Club Dinner.  As Sara mentioned in the previous post, sweet corn practically begs to be eaten at the end of a fine meal.  We answer the call with our sophisticated Cracker Jacks dessert.  Imagine a sweet corn semifreddo topped with a salted, local cows milk dulce de leche whipped topping and garnished with caramel corn and a little nut brittle.  Our lucky recipe testers loved the sweet and salty combination as well as the full expression of corn goodness.  We can’t wait to share it with you!

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