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Milking Mango

July 1, 2011


"I'm not sure I'm doing this right"

Our star artisan cheese maker and neighbor

Ripe cheese lovingly aged for the Supper Club Dinner

It is 114 degrees outside today and it hasn’t rained for two and a half months.  Our sun soaked landscape is a far cry from the grassy meadows where fat cows thrive.  Curiously goats seem to do well in our prickly environment and we are lucky to have access to some wonderful chevres.  For a cheese lover this is fantastic, but given the spectrum of cheeses available today we are left sadly wanting.  We’ve pined for the cheese cultures of Wisconsin and Vermont.  We’ve coveted the creameries of California.  Now in our own neighborhood our cheese dreams have been realized.  Our friend and artisan cheese maker creates exquisite specimens of bloomy, soft ripening goat cheese that she ages in a converted freezer set to mimic perfect cheese cellar conditions.

We spent our evening yesterday following our friend as she showed us the steps involved in producing cheese; from goat to table.  We met Mango, and her brother Kiwi, in their shaded backyard home.  Mango was patient as we each clumsily attempted milking her.  Luckily she was distracted by her seasonal treat of corn husks.  Mango has been enjoying the bumper crop of sweet corn from the CSA as much as we have.  Our goat farmer/cheese maker worked with ease as she filled a pail with warm frothy milk all the while sharing her knowledge and passion for her new found obsession.  The whole adventure was amazing but the crowning moment was the tasting.  We started with the fresh milk and worked our way up to the cheese aged for one month.  If your mouth is watering like ours, be sure to sign up for our Supper Club Dinner where we are lucky enough to share with you a sampling of this cheese.  Curious about this mystery farmer and cheese artisan?  She will be on hand during dinner and available to answer questions during the cheese course.  We are sure you will love her cheese as much as we do.  Thank you Mango!

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  1. July 7, 2011 12:31 am

    Can’t wait to be back in Tucson to join you for your fall/winter cooking adventures. What fun!

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