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Are Popsicles the New Cupcake?

July 24, 2011


Prickly Pops!

Monsoon Kitchen

We love cupcakes!  Each small cake an opportunity for endless flavor combinations and creative interpretation.  They are perfect, little individually wrapped dessert treats.  All of a sudden however, yummy frozen treats seem to be replacing the cupcake in our hearts and stomaches.  They are popping up everywhere.  Here in the Sonoran Desert smack dab in the middle of a sultry monsoon season, nothing could be more enticing.  Wilting under the swampy heat one afternoon at our local Farmer’s Market we started noticing happy, content and …. fuchsia smiles.  Had we finally succumbed to the heat?  Our brains were producing technicolor mirages.  It turns out that the cool, pink smiles were from consuming Prickly Pops.  The refreshing prickly pear popsicles have shown up the last couple of years courtesy of Jeau Allen and her booth of native and local foods of the desert.  Jeau produces everything from mesquite flours, prickly pear products and heritage tomato and chile plant starts.  Everything she does is with knowledge, care and love that shows in every package and every bite.  Recently she has expanded her flavor offerings.  Sara loved the Prickly Pear and Coconut Pop and Lori is still drooling over the creamy, dreamy Cajeta Pop.

One of our favorite new food enterprises is Monsoon Kitchen.  The Ladies of MK provided the creativity and taste sensations for the cocktail inspired popsicles at the fundraising “Poptail” event.  “Honey-Dew you want a Margarita” and “The Shining (Bloody Mary)” named poptails got us juiced up to sample several.

Here in Tucson we are lucky enough to always have access to icy sweet treats on a stick.  Our neighborhood ice cream truck is likely to be a paleta cart.  Paletas, a Latin American popsicle usually made with fresh fruit are ubiquitous ’round these parts.  We couldn’t be happier.

While we aren’t quite ready to say goodbye to the oh-so-cute cupcake trend, the summer months are the perfect time to take a vacation from the oven.  We will happily go for a summer produce quick freeze.  Hmm, maybe they will make an appearance at our next event.

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