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About Us

Inaugural Supper Club Dinner

…and be merry came to exist because we love food!  Sara and Lori met through a shared passion for all things gastronomical.  For three years we cooked for Food Not Bombs, creating weekly meals for 50 people from donated food.  We then (and continue to) volunteer with Desert Harvesters, a Tucson-based nonprofit that encourages the harvesting and use of the native plants of the Sonoran Desert.  We kept on keeping it local by working with Tucson Community Supported Agriculture.  We’ve talked food, done cooking demonstrations and hosted special events to celebrate the unique situation that only comes to those who belong to a CSA.  It’s not everyone who gets to stretch their creativity through six weeks of beets!  Through all of this we have realized that few things make us happier then sharing a good meal with friends.  We would love to have you join us at the table as we discover new ways to share local and delicious food with our community.  As the saying goes:  “Eat, drink….


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